Balayage Color

Balayage: (BAH-LEE-YAGE) A French word that means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint. A natural, beautifully natural way of highlighting hair that is lower maintenance. The regrowth is a gradual subtle root compared to the out-dated way of highlighting or weaving hair with foils that leaves a sharp line of hair re-growth.

Balayage gives the hair a multi-dimensional, sun-kissed type of highlight that resembles how natural hair gets lightened by the sun.

The expert hair color specialists at The Cutting Point Salon are highly trained in the balayage highlighting technique. Balayage is the art of hair painting. A lighter color is artistically “swept” onto the ends of the hair and carried up the strands of hair for a gradual lightening effect that fades into a darker color at the top. This is a perfect option for creating soft dimensions or bold blonde highlights and the look of “sun-kissed” hair.

Our hair color experts are highly trained in the balayage highlighting technique. Many of the products used in a balayage color service are ammonia-free and are developed with conditioning agents that that will your hair feeling soft and fabulous!